Can anyone ride with Wild Bikes?

Yes, of course! We’re a very inclusive club that caters for all abilities. Also, you are more than welcome to join us for three taster rides completely free before you join, as we’re sure you’ll love it and then you’ll be desperate to part with £16 of your hard earned cash and become a Wild Biker!

I want to try out a ride, what do I need to do?

Have a look at our Upcoming Events to find the ride you fancy, then just go to our Guidelines page where you can download and complete a Guest Registration Form to bring along with you. You should also take some time to read and understand the relevant guideline and rules document for the ride you intend to join.

Where do you usually meet?

Road Rides meet in front on The Mulberry Tree in Stockton Heath at 8:20am for an 8.30am depart on a Sunday and 7:00pm on a Wednesday evening.
Mountain Bike rides occur every Thursday evening, also from the Mulberry Tree and other remote locations. We leave at 7:00pm prompt. There are also 2 Sunday morning rides every month.

More information can be found on the Road Rides or Mountain Bike Rides pages.

I’ve enjoyed my guest rides! How do I now join Wild Bikes?

Download and complete the Guest Registration Form and then come along on one of our organised rides for a taster. If you enjoy it then you can join via the British Cycling Website.
You are allowed to attend 3 rides before joining our Club.

What does our membership fee get spent on?

There are clearly a number of regular outgoings for a cycling club like ours. This includes our annual affiliations to British Cycling and Cycling Club UK which both bring us a range of benefits as a club – most important providing us with Organisers’ Liability.
There are also a number of events organised throughout the year which the club will partially subsidise, in the past there have been Maintenance Courses and Velodrome Track evenings.

What insurance does Wild Bikes Cycling Club have?

Wild Bikes Cycling Club is affiliated to Cycling Club UK through which it has Organisers’ Liability insurance of up to £10 million for claims made against the club (ride leaders, club officials, event organisers). However, this insurance does not provide any member with Third Party Cover.

Does membership provide me with any individual insurance?

No. We strongly recommend that all our riders insure themselves for personal loss and injury. We also strongly recommend that all members take out appropriate Third Party cover. This provides you with cover for injury or damage caused by you to a third party while you are cycling, and is available from either Cycling Club UK or British Cycling. In fact, you can get discounted insurance cover as part of your discounted membership. The specific details of the cover will vary accordingly to the provider.

What is the role of a ride leader?

Our ride leaders are responsible for leading the group around the chosen route and ensuring both the enjoyment and safety of all the participants. Safety is our primary concern. This can mean, if required, ride leaders will cancel a ride, change the route or ask riders to follow specific instructions.

Will a ride ever be cancelled?

We will always try to avoid cancelling rides. However, there may be occasions where we do need to do this. Rides will be cancelled if we feel that the safety of the ride leader and our riders is put at risk due to adverse weather conditions (ice, snow, heavy rainfall and strong winds etc). Rides could also be cancelled due to ride leader illness where there is no other leader to take over. We will aim to give at least an hours notice of any cancellation on our Facebook page.

Who do I speak to if I have a suggestion to improve the club?

Any feedback is welcome as the club is only successful on the back of listening to its members. You can raise any suggestions or concerns with the ride leaders, a committee member or simply send your request from the Contact Us page.